Full Node
WhatThe original downloadable bitcoin wallet that is developed by the bitcoin core developers -> any developer that has their code added to bitcoin. This wallet is capable of running as a bitcoin node in the network. Downloading new versions of this wallet means that the user agrees with the changes made to the wallet.
ProsSecure and core implementations from developers
ConsMust download full blockchain and constantly update the blockchain requiring a high memory capacity and is less convenient. It’s susceptible to key loggers, viruses, ransom ware etc. like anything else on a PC that is connected to the internet.
RecommendationUse to run as a node or store bitcoins you want to spend for the day.
*Oct 27, 2016: Bitcoin Core v0.13.1 released. 95% of miner hashing power must upgrade for SegWit activation. | What's New? | Download Update | % blocks mined w/ Segwit | % Running v.0.13.1+